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How do you wash artificial fur clothing? Do you know?

Company news
2019/03/13 10:37
Faux fur is a faux fur fabric woven from chemical fibers, first appeared in the 1950s. The original product was mainly to replace the plush woven from wool, and later gradually established its own unique style to develop artificial fur products. Today's faux fur is cut from white and delicate sheep to the real fox skin, leopard skin, and suede.
Faux fur is a faux fur fabric woven from chemical fibers, first appeared in the 1950s. The original product was mainly to replace the plush woven from wool, and later gradually established its own unique style to develop artificial fur products. Today's faux fur is cut from white and delicate sheep to the real fox skin, leopard skin, and suede. Today, after protecting the environment and cherishing wildlife to become the consensus of people all over the world, artificial fur has developed unprecedentedly. There are two types of fabrics for artificial fur: one is a warp and weft, and the other is a weft knitted fabric. Mostly, cotton or polyester and cotton blended yarns are woven, and the wool is partially made of acrylic fiber.
Some can even make different types of fluff and needle hair, which is exactly the same as the real animal's hair. Some are also made of tanned artificial fur (that is, artificial fur). But no matter what the structure, this kind of artificial fur is reflected in the attributes of textiles. After knowing the properties of the artificial fur, we can freely choose the washing method. Artificial fur can be used both dry and washed, and can be considered in two ways. The lighter color is preferably washed with water to obtain a better degree of cleansing. Most dry cleaning washes in deep colors are fine. The artificial fur that is imitation of white sheep shearing can only be washed by water. If dry cleaning is used, it will often appear gray, which will make the original bright white lose five. Washed artificial fur is suitable for washing with neutral detergent, warm water or cold water, and finally washed with water containing acetic acid for neutralization and rinsing. Faux fur can't be ironed directly, and it can be burned with a human-shaped ironing machine.
Why does the sweater shrink after washing?
The reason for the shrinking of the sweater is to talk about wool fiber. There are layers of scales on the surface of the wool, like the scales on the scales or on the roof. When the fibers are rubbed or rubbed, they are entangled with each other, raising the temperature or under alkaline conditions. This reaction is called the fluffing property of wool fibers. People use felt to make felt and thick woolen fabric. However, when the external conditions are suitable, the wool textiles may also be raised, felted or shrunk. This is also due to the fluffing properties of the wool. Since the sweater is looser than the general wool structure, the fluffing phenomenon is more likely to occur and the shrinkage is formed. At the same time as the sweater is shrunk, the wool is felted together and thickened, thus completely losing the value of use. The first reason for the shrinkage is friction and flaws, so it is not possible to use a common washing machine for washing machines. You can't use the seesaw to wash it by hand. Even if your hands are too far apart, the fleece will occur. The temperature of the sweater when washing is controlled below 40 °C. Also, wash your sweater with a neutral detergent.
How to avoid the shrinking deformation of the washing sweater? How to repair if the shrinkage deformation occurs?
The phenomenon of washing sweaters seems to be very easy to happen. In fact, this is the result of the "shrinking" of wool. When an alkaline detergent is used or the washing temperature is slightly higher, the fluffing phenomenon is exacerbated. The primary factor is friction. Therefore, in addition to the inability to use alkaline detergents and the use of hot water exceeding 40 ° C, it is more important that laundry such as sweaters cannot withstand excessive friction. If you are washing with a washing machine, you must choose a soft procedure, preferably by hand.
After the sweater has been washed and rinsed, it should also be treated with a softener to avoid shrinking the sweater. If the sweater has been subjected to less severe shrinkage deformation, it can be repaired and washed. The simpler method is that it can be properly enlarged by steam ironing. When ironing, it needs to be tailored with a special hanger. If you can soften the sweater with a softening softener before ironing and reshaping, the shaping effect will be better. If the sweater has undergone severe shrinkage and deformation, it has become a thick felting state and it is difficult to repair.
Can cashmere sweaters be washed? How to wash cashmere sweaters?
Cashmere sweaters are made from cashmere. Cashmere is very different from general sheep wool. Cashmere fiber is thinner than wool and softer than wool, but shorter than wool. Compared with sheep wool, the flannel layer on the surface of the fiber is different from the sheep wool. It is not easy to entangle the felt between the cashmere. Therefore, if the cashmere sweater is not properly washed, it is not caused by shrinkage, but the overall slackening becomes larger. .
How to properly wash cashmere sweaters?
Under normal circumstances, cashmere sweaters are suitable for dry cleaning, and can be washed according to the normal dry cleaning procedure. However, after a dry cleaning, a cashmere sweater will be knotted, which is not soft enough and fluffy. After several times of dry cleaning, the cashmere sweater will feel clean and not clear enough. Therefore, cashmere sweaters should be washed when appropriate, and the effect may be better. Cashmere sweaters are relatively delicate clothes. They are also protein fibers like wool and silk, so be sure to wash them with a neutral detergent. When the washing machine does not have a gentle washing procedure, it is best to use manual washing. A cashmere sweater requires only a few grams of neutral detergent. The water temperature does not exceed 30 ° C. After rinsing in clear water, it can also be treated with a wool fabric softener. Do not use too much force when washing key stains. Add some glacial acetic acid when rinsing. It can be dehydrated. In order to prevent the cashmere sweater from loosening and deforming due to the centrifugal force during dehydration, it is best to wrap the cashmere sweater with a clean towel. The cashmere sweater after washing should not be dried. The simple and easy way is to dry naturally. It is important to note that when drying, take 2~3 hangers and put the cashmere sweater on the hanger rail to hang up. The cleanliness and fluffiness of the cashmere sweater after washing and careful treatment are very good, but the operation process must be accurate and unintentional.