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2017/18 China Faux Fur Trends Conference Held in Shanghai

Company news
2019/03/13 10:45
It is reported that through a series of international strategic cooperation platforms and resource integration innovation advantages, the company fully promotes the use of artificial fur more widely in the field of life
It is reported that through a series of international strategic cooperation platforms and resource integration innovation advantages, the company fully promotes the use of artificial fur more widely in the field of life, allowing more consumers to understand the simulation effect and taking performance of artificial fur, and enhance consumers' artificial fur. Fashion and luxury consumption concepts, and then gradually focus on the popularity of artificial fur.
The ever-changing styling of faux fur and the trend of fashion and apparel, the latest technology and tailoring, make the design light and stylish, breaking the season and age limit. In addition to the image of noble and luxurious, fur fashion is naturally integrated into the trend with the new concept.
2017/18 China Faux Fur Trends Conference - Leading the new trend of artificial fur
This new faux fur release is about the fashion of high-end faux fur fabrics, and the interpretation of faux fur in the fields of clothing and accessories. It is immersed in the unique charm of faux fur through a variety of splicing techniques, three-dimensional smart cut design, and stylish personality.
This season's new product launches the MACINFUR fashion fur, which will be used in the four themes of fantasy, art, heritage, and poetry to interpret the application of artificial fur in different ages and styles. Incorporating the designer's self-creation ideas and design concepts, it presents a visual feast integrating faux fur design, top-level art crafts, fashion breakthrough innovation.
The museum's poetry series combines the dark color of desert and auburn with earthy colors, including gray tone army green, jungle green, gray blue and mocha color with artistic blue cyan and violet, to interpret the natural romantic feelings;
The special-magic dimension series features high-color electronic blue, orange and acid green, rose pink and red combination and contrast, straightforward and individual expression, plus a large proportion of embroidery, 3D effect decoration, denim fabric and other diversified Form presentation;
The competition art inheritance class is characterized by classic elegant khaki, neutral sand color with dynamic bright yellow and sky blue, and there is no lack of vitality in the new inheritance color;
The leisurely mindfulness series is a natural color with neutral color, flesh color and sand-colored charcoal gray black. It is matched with bright colors such as sunlight yellow, water blue and amber, showing a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.
&KANEKA Faux Fur Creative Materials Application Symposium - Collision between Innovation and Application
This symposium brings together experts, brands and designers of R&D, production and fashion design in the field of artificial fur, which is a grand event in the field of artificial fur.
In recent years, with the rapid development of the artificial fur industry, high-simulation products have begun to appear in the international big-name design, which has led to the rapid follow-up of fast fashion brands, and high-end artificial fur products have also a richer style performance. Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of artificial fur application, not only apparel, accessories, headwear and handbags are increasingly incorporated into artificial fur elements, but also the demand for home decoration such as carpets and cushions is on the rise. The scope is also getting wider and wider.
Although the artificial fur products produced in cooperation with KANEKA, the leading Japanese manufacturer in the acrylic fiber manufacturing industry, have incorporated a large number of international fashion trends into the product development process, the sensitivity to the trend is still insufficient, and the clothing brands, designers and other fashion trends There is a strong demand for the color and texture of artificial fur. The two sides held an in-depth exchange of views and made long-term progress.
China's faux fur trend research and development center new product ordering conference - artificial fur creates a new high point
At this trade fair, China Faux Fur Trend R&D Center combines the current trend, adopting eco-fashioned faux fur fabrics, and invites famous designers to develop and design more than 100 new faux fur garments. The order fair uses high-tech VR interactive technology to showcase. Ready-to-wear, and on-site fitting by the network anchor, that is, buy and buy, all brands, fashion buyers have placed orders. Firmly believe: "The luxury of artificial fur does not come at the expense of animal suffering or life. We do not take the fur of animals, we are just imitators of the natural beauty of animal fur."
This new product ordering conference, MACINFUR faux fur fabric is the protagonist, which runs through the four themes, taking into account the luxury of natural animal fur and the fashion of artificial fur. MACINFUR faux fur fabric meets the needs of mass consumers for luxury and fashion with its light and comfortable, easy to wash and easy to store characteristics, and relatively affordable, while MACINFUR faux fur fabric is fashionable, highly emulsive and personalized. Service and green environmental protection concepts have also won the recognition of many fashion people.
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