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Recruitment position: salesman assistant

Number of people: Not limited to      Salary: Negotiable     Education: No limit     Age: 25-35 years old

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for assisting the sales manager to do the statistical work; 2. Collecting and sorting out the market information of the area under the jurisdiction and timely feedback; 3. Checking the payment situation in time and notifying the delivery; 4. Familiar with the application office software word, Excel ;

Job requirements:

1. Active dedication and good communication skills; 2. Have good professional ethics and high work enthusiasm, have a strong sense of responsibility; The company works six days a week, 8 hours work system, single break, annual leave, five insurance, enjoy the country All legal holidays. Occasionally need a business trip. Requirements: You can travel, you should visit the customer frequently, you can communicate with the customer well, you can accurately tell all the information of the product.